quarta-feira, setembro 14, 2005

Por que Paideia:

"To the ancient Greeks, Paideia was "the process of educating man into his true form, the real and genuine human nature." (1) It also means culture. It is the ideals in which the Hellenes formed the world around them and their youth. Since self-government was important to the Greeks, Paideia combined with ethos (habits) made a man good and made him capable as a citizen or a king. (1a) This education was not about learning a trade, or an art which the Greeks called banausos (mechanical) unworthy of a citizen, but was about training for liberty (freedom) and nobility (The Beautiful). Paideia is the cultural heritage that is continued through the generations." - Wikipedia
Pois é, sem um mínimo de inglês você aproveita muito pouco os recursos da internet. Não faça como o Lula. Aproveite o tempo para aprender um pouco de inglês.